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19 Mar 2020 09:24 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Here you go...

If you live in the UK are LGBT+ and have decided to adopt – either as a single adopter or as a couple – there’s some key steps our members have found useful to take.

Find out more

Yes, that includes reading this website. But don’t stop there. There’s a wealth of information from organisations like First4Adoption and adoption agencies around the country. Do search online for testimonials. Adopting is a fantastic, life-enhancing decision but it isn’t always an easy route to growing your family and it helps to enter the process well-informed. And don’t forget, if you’re a member of New Family Social you can ask other LGBT members of their experiences with the different agencies you’re considering.

Attend an information session

Adoption agencies routinely hold these around the country. Check out our events listings to find your nearest. These sessions are usually designed to give you a fuller understanding of the different elements involved in the adoption approval process and the matching process that follows it. You don’t have to sign up with the agency immediately after the session unless you want to and there are often real-life adopters or adoptees there who will talk about their experiences. It’s particularly worth talking to these speakers if they are LGBT+ for their perspective.

One to one meetings with an agency

At the end of an information session many agencies will offer you the option of having a further one-to-one meeting with them at a later date. It’s in this meeting you’ll be given the option of signing paperwork that effectively pairs you with the agency and starts the six month approval process. If you have significant reservations about starting your journey with the agency you’ve just talked to then ask for more time to consider your options.

Choose your adoption agency

Picking the right agency is crucial for you on your adoption journey. Different agencies can offer support in different ways; some are stronger on post-adoption support, some have a stronger track record on supporting LGBT+ applicants, some focus on matching ‘harder-to-place’ children with potential parents. The best approach is to attend a number of information sessions held by different agencies to find one that chimes with you. You don’t have to choose the agency nearest to you if it doesn’t feel like the right fit.

Many of our members find it useful to ask some of the following questions when talking to potential agencies:

  • How many LGBT+ adopters have you successfully approved as adopters and matched with children?
  • How many children are you currently family-finding for?
  • What’s your agency’s approach to preparing a child who is being adopted by an LGBT+ parent/parents?
  • What specific support do you offer to LGBT+ adopters?

You can find agencies that offer free membership of New Family Social to their adopters on our handy list.


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